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Introducing Alpaca, the blister packing machine

Alpaca is a state-of-the-art blister pack robot from the world’s largest pharmacy automation equipment manufacturer.

Compact, fast and accurate, the Alpaca allows pharmacies to improve overall dose administration aid packing, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits for the pharmacy

  • Scale for future growth
    With an Alpaca you can easily scale your business for growth without the need for increased resource.
  • Efficient stock management
    Reveals scripts owing & SOH using automated Virtual Pill Box software to have a tidier dispensary.
  • Improved safety, less errors
    QCPP compliant. More accurate. Barcode technology matches foil to patient medications being packed.
  • Focus on what matters
    Alpaca gives you more time to spend with your customers and focus on other growth areas of your business.
  • Improved operational efficiency
    With Alpaca you can improve operational efficiency and produce up to 25 – 40 medication packs per hour.

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Alpaca Robot Features


Unlike other automated packing machines, Alpaca’s small footprint requires minimal space, while significantly increasing pack output. With an Alpaca, a pharmacy will reduce the space required for DAA packing.


The Alpaca delivers 25 – 40 multidose packs per hour, showing a significant improvement of manual packing rates of 7 to 8 packs per hour. Continuous process flow allows you to pack efficiently and accurately. With 60 canisters on board at any time and ease of guided canister interchange, the Alpaca will fast track your packing operations.


More accurate than manual packing. The Alpaca improves accuracy of DAA packing. Barcode technology matches foil to patient medications being packed.

Interested in Alpaca?

The Alpaca is cost-effective with customised packages available. Download our brochure to learn more or talk to an expert

Allowing us to grow our business

“Before we got Alpaca, we were at our DAA capacity. It has made the packing efficient and accurate, allowing us to grow this part of our business across both stores.”

Yu-Qing Pharmasave VIC

Frequently Asked Questions

What automation options does myPak Solutions provide?

The Alpaca blister packing robot is supplied by Yuyama, a world leading manufacturer of robotic automation based in Osaka, Japan.

What efficiency gain can I expect with Alpaca blister packing automation?

The Alpaca is driven by the myPak software, the combination of the two leading to ultimate efficiency.

How many dose administration aid packs can the Alpaca blister packing robot produce?

Depending on the complexity of the individual patient packs, the Alpaca robot can produce anywhere from 25 – 40 complete packs per hour.

How much space do I need to install an Alpaca blister packing robot?

Due to the small footprint of the Alpaca blister packing robot (900W x 600D x 2000H), as little as 4 square meters is all the space required for the total Alpaca dose administration work area.

How many canisters are supplied with the Alpaca, and what is the canister capacity of the Alpaca blister packing robot?

The Alpaca has a 60 canister capacity on board at any time. The team at myPak Solutions will work with your pharmacy to identify the required number of canisters based on your medication complexities to ensure operational efficiency.

How many packed patients do I need to have to justify Alpaca blister packing automation?

Each pharmacy has different pressures and requirements therefore the number of packs varies from pharmacy to pharmacy. Our ROI calculator will determine the benefits to your business based on a tailored solution.

Some current Alpaca automation customers started at a lower starting point of 60 to 80 packs, with the intention to aggressively scale their DAA business. This is common where staff and space restrictions limit the ability to grow.

Other Alpaca customers implemented at a higher starting point, where their goal was to improve overall operational and workflow efficiency aiming to reduce the DAA workspace and drive DAA volumes to new heights.

Contact the team at myPak Solutions to help you make a fully informed decision with all the inputs and outputs considered.