Simple. Safe. Convenient. Manage multiple vitamins and meds more easily with myPak Solutions hygienic blister packs, including Medico Pak & PractiCare.

Manage multiple medications easily and efficiently

Take the right dose at the right time. Patients miss up to 25% of their prescribed medications. Don’t end up in hospital from medication errors like around 230, 000 Australians do each year!

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Simple. Safe. Convenient.

Keep Your Meds Regime On Track

Take the right dose at the right time, every time.


Helps you avoid under/overdosing. Clear pack instructions include your information (and allergies) with photo.


Portable, travel-friendly & discreet – suits all lifestyles.

Less Stress

For patient & carer alike, have peace of mind. Your quality of life improves.

Keep your meds effective

Our blister packs reduce active ingredient degradation, ensuring they work properly.




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