Smarter, Simpler, Safer. Manage multiple medications easily with Medico Pak, Alpaca and PractiCare.

Manage multiple medications easily and efficiently

Numerous studies show pharmacist intervention can lead to better patient medication compliance. Up to 25 percent of consumers are non-compliant with their medication regime. Help reduce the incidence of medication misadventure. Range includes hygienic products for manual packing and automation.

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Accommodates All DAA Types

Community Pharmacy, Aged Care, Schools & Correctional Facilities. QCPP & PPA Compliant. Blister Medication Packs.

Boosts Patient Medication Compliance

Makes it easy for the patient or carer to stay on track with the medication regime therefore leading to better health outcomes.


Portable, suitable for travel, and discreet – complements the lifestyle of all people on multiple medications.

Reduces Dosing Incidents​

Reduces under/over dosing incidents using clear instructions. Includes photo and patient’s information and allergies.

myPak Solutions packs are so easy to use and great quality!’
Elise C, Martin’s Chemist, St Mary’s NSW.




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myPak Solutions Consumables Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our consumables.

Yes. MultiDose, UnitDose, as well as packs for short course, PRN (as required). We also supply options to store schedule 4 and 8 for ease of checking and contain stock / imprest medications.

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly presentations in perforated, BiFold, or TriFold formats.

All myPak Consumables are fully disposable blister packs with cold seal foils along with a complete selection of labels for your dose administration options.

They have several advantages. Packs are cold seal and don’t require a hot iron, maintaining medication integrity. They are also fully disposable. A full description of pack contents can be printed on the back foil. Each blister is fully labeled with patient name, day / time and medication strength / dose. When patients travel, days can be separated from main pack.

You can use myPak Software, a comprehensive solution with features that improve overall work flow efficiency including PPA reporting, dispense integration, VPB (virtual pill box), quick dispense functionality, and more. View more detals here.

Alternatively, you can manage your packed patients and print to some consumables in the range with the packing software your dispense provider offers, including FredPak, PacMan, Z Pak, Minfos Packing and others.