About Us

myPak Solutions is a leading Australian end-to-end solution for Dose Administration Aids, enabling pharmacy to deliver better medication compliance and health management. We are dedicated to helping pharmacies support patients with their compliance to medication regimes in both community and aged care facility settings.

myPak Solutions was established in March 2018 as a joint business venture between Arrow Pharmaceuticals, Australia and Douglas Pharmaceuticals, New Zealand. Our innovative technology driven business acquired the Medico Pak and PractiCare brands. We have distribution rights to the Alpaca packing robot from the world’s leading manufacturer of automation, Yuyama of Japan.

On July 10th 2019, Arrow merged with Apotex to form the Arrotex Australia Group, with Dennis Bastas from Arrow as Chairman.

myPak Solutions can help improve the commercial viability of your pharmacy by supporting better medication management systems and driving operational efficiencies through digital enablement and automation.

We offer a complete range of cutting-edge quality Software, Consumable, and Automation products. Our software is intuitive, easy to use and seamlessly integrates with your dispense systems. We carry a comprehensive range of quality consumables to meet all patient medication pack needs. Our automation allows you to significantly increase packing rates and free up staff to build your professional services. This ultimately leads to growing your overall pharmacy business.