Tips for investing in DAA automation & software

The Pharmacy Guild’s vision for pharmacy is to transform to Community Health Hubs by 2025 (CP2025). The key growth pathways include medication management, digital enablement, operational efficiencies and automation. The explosion in Australia’s population aged over 65 and those requiring multiple medications is a market segment waiting to be serviced.

Ziad Sultan the owner of Bellambi Pharmacy, North Illawarra in NSW says he doesn’t understand the reluctance of many pharmacists to invest in their business. He says many of his peers ‘don’t blink an eye in buying a BMW but drag their feet when it comes to investing in technology’ to sustain and build their pharmacies’ business. He says investing in DAA Software and Automation is a ‘no brainer’ and he’s made his money back in less than 3 years.

The top 8 tips before you invest in DAA Technology & Automation

  1. Watch for operational warning signs. Increasing staff stress levels, near misses, growing error rates and inefficiencies. The DAA process is becoming unmanageable. The tipping point is around 100 packs per week when you must seriously investigate automation and software.
  2. Look for a complete solution from one supplier to fit your business – software, consumable blister packs and automation.
  3. Involve your key staff in the process and support them in the transition period.
  4. Research Research Research. Review company website automation and software pages. Ask to speak with the supplier’s sales representative. Ask suppliers with help in going to a pharmacy to see their technology in action.
  5. Compare the reliability and total offering. Make sure you compare like with like. Invest in software that’s easy and intuitive for the staff and is fully supported by the supplier.
  6. Look for the most compact size robot that delivers an ROI in around 3 years.
  7. Ask for case studies and testimonials and check they are real!
  8. Ask what sort of support you will be given throughout the process and after everything is installed.

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