Innovative DAA software to improve operational efficiency and accuracy

Medication Management Software

myPak software seamlessly integrates with all major dispense providers, meeting industry requirements. The software speeds up the physical act of preparing medication packs. Functionality includes Patient Management; Virtual Pill Box; Quick Dispense; Reports (including PPA); comprehensive suite of Signing Sheets for Aged Care; printing of foils and Guided Fill for Blister Packing.

NG (Next Generation) has been developed with an intuitive user interface that was at the forefront during development and seamlessly guides you from page to page.  It has all of the comprehensive features of our desktop version and with additional functionality as well as being cloud-based.

Benefits for the pharmacy

  • Reduce administration time
    Quickly and easily produces reports required for the monthly claim on the PPA portal.
  • Save space and allow growth
    Virtual Pill Box Functionality means no more separate bags and baskets for individual packed patients.
  • Increase efficiency
    Speeds up the act of preparing medication packs, increasing efficiency.

myPak Solutions Software

Leading-edge DAA Software enabling better medication compliance.

Software Features

Seamless integration

Integrates with all major dispense providers. Import patient data from dispense, reducing the need to duplicate data entry and leading to less errors.

Intuitive patient profile management

Simple and easy to input & maintain. Flexibility of dose regimes, frequency options & foil formats.

Flexible foil & label printing

Printing on a wide variety of myPak consumable options including myPak, Medico Pak, and PractiCare.

Up-to-date drug content

A comprehensive selection of drug images and descriptions is updated monthly within the myPak software.

Bulk brand swap

Quick and simple with the flexibility to switch patients from one brand to another by patient or in bulk.

Comprehensive range of patient reports

Quick, simple, reliable.

How does the software affect my dispensing workflow

View the step-by-step guides below for your weekly packing and dispensing.

Increased efficiency

“The myPak software has not only significantly increased efficiency, but also ensures patient safety.”

Claudia Amcal Campbelltown Pharmacy NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dispensary software providers does myPak Software integrate with?

Fred Dispense, Fred Dispense Plus, Fred NXT, Z Dispense, Minfos, Corum Lots and Dispense Works.

What is the process to switch from an alternative medication management software to myPak Software?

The myPak Solutions Software Support team will remotely access the pharmacy and install the myPak Software. The Software Support team will then support and train the pharmacy team on how to import available patient data from the pharmacy dispense software.

Which of the Aged Care electronic medication management platforms is myPak Software integrated with?

iCare (Telstra Health), LeeCare, eCase (Health Metrics), EMMA (Compact Systems), Medicate (AutumnCare) and more