A new decade – Australia’s demographic opportunity

Between 1998 and 2018, the number of Australians aged 65 years and over increased from 12.2% to 15.7%. This number is set to explode, with Australian and New Zealanders aged over 60 expected to increase by 92.6% between 2019 and 2050. This growth rate is far higher than North America and Europe.

Recent decades have also seen a strong trend of older people choosing to live independently, from around 24% in 1990 to 37% in 2010. Television footage aired in 2018 revealed how some Australians in aged care were badly mistreated, prompting many to rethink their future health care arrangements. More will likely choose independent living.

Today, over a million Australians take 5 or more medications daily. This estimate is low – it doesn’t account for over the counter, complementary medicines or private prescriptions.
Are Australian pharmacies ready to support them? We believe Australian pharmacists can lead the way in supporting the elderly, especially those on multiple medications.

Make DAA’s an essential part of professional services

DAA services are an increasingly important part of pharmacy professional services. A rapidly growing and aging population will live in the community for longer. They need support from Australia’s most trusted healthcare professional – pharmacists.

Up to 25 percent of patients are non-compliant with their medication regime. Many are a significant part of some 230,000 people admitted yearly to emergency departments at hospitals nationwide.

Numerous studies show pharmacist intervention can lead to better patient medication compliance.

myPak Solutions complete DAA medication management system streamlines the entire process. It combines Australia’s leading DAA software with a huge range of hygienic blister packs and surprisingly compact robotic automation to drive significant workflow efficiencies.

Our customers say our solution boosted staff morale, reduced staff stress levels helping to avert near misses and medication errors. They now focus on growing professional services.

Our complete DAA solution delivers 4 of PGA’s 9 growth pathways to become a Community Health Hub by 2025: medication management, digital enablement, automation and operational efficiencies.

How to Transform Your DAA Workflow

Recently a customer told us why he invested in software and automation 3 years ago. With more elderly in the community needing multiple medications, his DAA workflow had become unmanageable and ‘frankly one of the most stressful parts of the business’. Staff morale fell.

Medication ‘near misses’ and error rates rose. ‘Technology was the way forward and I’ve never looked back’.

The Royal Commission’s interim findings into Aged Care in November 2019 found a system ‘designed around transactions, not relationships or care…fail(ing) to meet the needs of its older, vulnerable, citizens’.

Pharmacists are perfectly placed to meet these needs, especially those reliant on multiple medications, more of whom are keen to stay in their communities for longer.

Pharmacists can support these patients by providing the best DAA pack solutions to meet their needs. myPak Solutions MedicoPak perforated pack is ideal for polypharmacy patients. It helps maintain their active lifestyles more easily and discreetly for longer. Our cutting-edge DAA software and Alpaca automation transforms DAA workflow efficiency.

Grow Professional Services Without Extra Staff

The Royal Commission’s Interim Aged Care findings described the ‘nature of residential care (as) dispiriting’. Many elderly are now looking for other options. As Australia’s most trusted healthcare professionals, pharmacists are ideally placed to help them stay in their communities for longer.

Is your pharmacy ready to care for more elderly polypharmacy patients? myPak Solutions complete DAA solution helps you help them.

Our cutting-edge software, quality consumable blister packs and surprisingly compact Alpaca robot not only streamline and build DAA services, our complete solution also helps grow overall professional service

One customer mentioned above grew DAA’s without increasing staff, ‘by 50% in the first year and more than 300% over 3 years. I should have invested in technology 5 years earlier!’.

Powered by myPak Solutions automation and software, our most recent case study reveals DAA packs grew 37% after 6 months. This customer commented ‘It’s a no brainer!’

myPak Solutions transforms the DAA workflow’s accuracy, speed and safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Future proof your business today! Ask about our obligation free consultation to help you better manage and grow your DAA services.

Call 1800 812 649, or email customerservice@mypaksolutions.com.au

First published in Pharmacy Daily Weekly Commentary, Nov 2019.References available on request

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